Portugal Youth Exchange

This event has been finished

Youth Exchange in Portugal (18+)

We have been successful with a Youth Exchange long term project, which will see us engage in three multilateral youth exchanges over the next two years. Under the new European Youth Strategy three areas for working with youth were identified, these were Engage, Empower and Connect. Our aim in this project is to involve young people in civic and political life and even more so young people with fewer opportunities, who are the young people with whom we work with. Our Goals within this project are,

1. Involve young people with fewer opportunities in a process of local and international civic participation through different mobility activities.

2. Include these young people with fewer opportunities in a context of promotion, empowerment and new opportunities.

3. Develop personal, social and cultural skills of the young participants.

4. Promote an open attitude towards the diversity and inclusion of different cultures, religions and origins.

5. Develop positive behaviours and attitudes with local reality and generate an attitude of transformation of your reality.


The first exchange takes place this July in Portugal for 7 days and will include young people from Germany, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. During this exchange the young people will reflect on their local and international realities and design a project that they can deliver at local level when they return home. The project idea that they come up with will then see them on their return apply to the European Solidarity Corp funding to deliver out their project. This will be young person lead with the support of a youth worker.