FYRC Values 

The set of values that will guide and underpin our work are as follows, 

Voluntary Participation: We belive that voluntary participation is central to the active engagement of young people within FYRC and are committed to being young person centred. 

Inclusion & Equity: The FYRC takes an equitable approach in relation to its work with young people by recognising and responding to the various complex needs that they can face in the Finglas Community. We promote a non-judgmental safe space that is accessible and encourages diversity. We belive in a space that promotes freedom of expression and opinion for all, irrespective of background. 

Equality & Social Justice: Ensuring a human rights0based support, that provides space for discussion and disagreement, that is pro young people and young people's rights. We willpromote equality, empathy, and respect within all our work with young people and advocate on behalf of young people to improve their opportunities. We also strive to empower young people to advocate for themselves, their rights and their community. 

Fun & Collaborative: We recognise the importance of creating fun and enjoyable safe experiences for young people to develop. We belive that these experiences should be created in collaboration with young people to empower them to reach their full potential. We are also committed to working in collaboration with other local, national , and European orgnisations to meet the needs of the young people we work with.